Tips Determine the trademark Indonesia or New Product

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Tips Determine the trademark Indonesia

The name is the important side of a brand, product or service. Such is the virtue of one name, reportedly Ray Kroc, the founder of the McDonald’s franchise, believes that the restaurant will succeed because of only the name. The name represents various things, starting from the uniqueness to the story behind an trademark indonesia.

An eye-catching name will make a product memorable, stand out from its competitors. But sometimes it’s really hard to come up with this kind of name. We can spend a long time on things that seem trivial. The tutorial below will help you end that problem.

Know the three types of names
Before deciding on a name, we must first understand that there are several types of naming types. Each type represents a different naming direction. The three kinds are:

Literal (literal naming)
Metaphoric (parable)
Fanciful (beautiful / cool naming)
The name type fanciful really doesn’t explain the role of one product. Having a name that is not prescriptive, companies are free to create certain identities or narratives to assume that name. This type is perfect for new brands, but it takes a lot of marketing effort to be strong in the market. Example: McDonald’s, Nike, or Apple.

The metaphoric type name is similar to fanciful, which has the aim of making one identity. The difference is, this type already has a product role story, then adds emotional marketing techniques to it. Metaphoric names save promises that make customers hooked. Example: Air Jordan, Electronic Arts, or Facebook.

The literal type name immediately conveys the role and quality of a product. Customers know right away, the product is according to their needs or maybe not. For companies that already have a strong trademark Indonesia, literal names are really efficient when issuing new products. Examples: Kentucky Fried Chicken, PlayStation Portable, or Tech in Asia.

Reason for choosing type name
Of the 3 types of names above, our options are definitely controlled by the company’s mission and philosophy. But in order for the name to really work out, we need to do market research first.

The first thing that is important is to find out if there is a product or brand that is the same as our product. How many competitors are there? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each competitor? What are their specifics, and what are ours?

If the competitors are many and the benefits are similar, the literal name is probably not a good inspiration. Think about it, how many mediums are there covering technology in Asia? One more light. But it is impossible for everything to be called “Tech in Asia”, right? In this case, a fanciful or metaphoric name may be a more appropriate option.

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